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The Reality Sculptors Project is all about building new technologies, and new communities. And part of building these things is to have discussion, and hammer out details.

To this end, various discussion lists have been created where people can focus on specific issues. It is hoped that these groups will work on solving some of the social problems that plague us, and develop technologies that help our species evolve.

These lists are generally quite focused, low-volume (for the most part), and have a fairly high signal-to-noise ratio.

On topic discussion and questions are welcome. SPAM and unsolicited promotions are not. (Simple, eh?)

Be sure to check out The Reality Sculptors Faq-O-Matic for info and answers about the various lists.

List Archives: HyperMail archives of the lists are available here.


Send mail to <listname> (where <listname> is the name of the list you are interested in. Don't include the <> marks...those are just for effect. :-) )

In the Subject: of your letter (the body of the message is ignored) put the word:


The list will figure out your email address automatically.

You should receive a confirmation note in the mail when you have been successfully added or removed.

If you're the kind of person who manages to get onto mailing lists, but then forgets how to sign off of them, and starts sending abusive letters and threats and claims that "they never signed up on such-and-such list", then you'd better bookmark this page RIGHT NOW, so that you can always get off the list when you're ready. I don't have time for those kinds of antics, and neither do the other listmembers. You have been warned.

POSTING: When you want to post, send mail to <listname>
You'll note that the listname addresses and -request addresses do not appear in full-form on this page. These lists are open to subscription, but do not accept posts from non-list-members. This is to try and protect against SPAMmers, and leaving off the easy-to-spider email addressess will hopefully keep the scanner-bots from picking up on the addresses. If you're a SPAMmer, please don't bother sending your cruft to these lists.

<listname> as noted above will appear in bold red text in the following descriptions.

airships is a forum for the discussion and design of lighter-than-air craft, including blimps, dirigibles, and novel new designs for research, cargo, and passenger use.
autopilot is for the discussion of how to create autopiloting systems for vehicles. (Ground cars, and eventually, aircars or flying cars.) Discussion ranges from general ideas to technical details.
clean-water addresses the issues of clean, sustainable water supplies for the various peoples of the world. What the problems are, where the problems are, and how to solve them.
domesteading is a forum for the discussion of aspects of independent, off-the-grid living. Topics range from geodesic domes to world hunger; autonoumous housing, power systems, composting toilets, and a little bit of everything in between. :-)
domesteading-digest is a digested version of the domesteading list. You'll get one big message with recent posts all bundled together. These generally come out once every day or three, depending on list traffic. If it's very busy, you might get more than one per day. It doesn't allow for as much spontaneous participation, but if you're looking for a condensed collection to read, this is it.
floating-cities is a forum for the discussion of the design and construction of free-floating ocean-based cities, as well as the political, economic, and social ramifications of creating such constructs around the globe. You should read this to familiarize yourself with the general concepts of the project, and prevent the repetition of lots of Frequently Asked Questions.
fuel-cells is a forum for the discussion of fuel-cell power systems, such as those used to power the Space Shuttle, and their applications in decentralized power applications for home and automotive use.
future-studies is a forum for the discussion of and planning for the future. Topics include (but are not limited to) developing curricula for teaching futures-related study, forecasting and trend analysis, sharing knowledge, resources, and information about futures-related topics. Students, Educators, Professionals, and all those in between who are interested in learning more about the future and how to study it are welcome to join in the discussions.
sushi, while not an "official" list in the Reality Sculptors Project, is near and dear to some of our hearts, for there are a good number of us who enjoy the stuff. This is a place to discuss it, find out where the best restaurants are, post reviews of places you did (or didn't) like, etc. (And if we really wanted to stretch things, we could say that we need the sushi list to figure out what to do with all the fish we produce via mariculture on the floating cities we plan to build. :-) )
upspin takes its name from a yet-to-be-written book that we're collectively working on, tentatively entitled "Haul Your Ass UpSpin! (A How-To Manual for Transplanting Your Life)" The idea originally came from list member Wendy Faust, who, after her move from the East Coast to California, suggested that we put together a how-to manual for other people who are getting ready to do a big move in their life.

The "UpSpin" portion of the name comes from Tim Leary's notion of orientation with regard to planetary axis of spin. The earth spins from west to east, so to move eastward is moving "down-spin", and moving westward is moving "up-spin". Leary noted that most large-scale migrations in history have moved in a westward direction, and thus mostly "upspin".

Regardless of if you're moving upspin or downspin, if you're about to embark on a giant life-moving journey, or have just completed one (or are just in the middle of one!), you're welcome to join the list. It's designed to be a place to share info, lessons learned, advice on what (and what NOT!) to do, and to tell your story. If each one of us puts together just one chapter telling our story, we'll quickly have a book, and then a multi-volume series, which will serve to help others when they start their move.

uranium-hot-rock is a forum or the discussion of the design and engineering of a "hot-rock" that is heated by, you guessed it, uranium. This would be a device about the size of a wood-burning stove, that was adequately shielded so as to prevent radiation leaks, while allowing the entire thing to heat up to several hundred degrees. The idea being that you could then use it to heat your home, cook food, keep your family warm, and never have to worry about a utility bill again. It would also provide something to do with all that so-called "spent" fuel from the nuclear industry.

Nuclear engineers are especially encouraged to join this forum, as there are quite a few technical details to be worked out.

Please don't join the list just to cast disparaging remarks or tell us we're all going to glow and have three heads. If you bring criticism, at least try to make it constructive criticism. Thanks.

More lists will be formed as time and interest dictate.

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