Re: Current airship project

Hi Patrick,

>       I also posted recently on the domesteading list (you can find that 
> thread in the archives at ) about 
> using 3D graphics tools for visualization. I'll see if I can make a 3D model
> of what I understand from your sketch, and post it if I get something
> worthwhile... 
> Here's what I got, but I didn't do the flat bits on the wing tips. 

Wow! Thanks for drawing, it looks cooler than the kinda saggy airship in my

> We use a 10mil polyethylene sheeting material for our greenhouse 
>cover. It's available in 20' wide sheeting, (and as long as you want it, I 

Thanks for the offer, for now for the 4 m airship, I'm planning on using 5 mil
translucent woven polyethylene, basically thin tarp material from a company in
Canada that I've ordered from before. Do you have the tools to bond the edges of
the tarp and ideally add grommets in the edges? How long does the material last
before it degrades in the sunlight?

>	I have also seen some larger (8-12") DC fans available in used parts 

That's really useful information, especially since this airship design needs a
relatively high positive pressure to keep the wing tips straight out. They tend
to droop if the pressure is low. So a bigger DC fan would really help and cut
the inflation time, which is about a half hour for the 1.5 m airship with a tiny
1 inch computer fan.

> And I bought a little 5W solar panel which I use to run 3 different DC 
>computer fans in the greenhouse to keep air circulating on hot days. With 
>something as large as this, or the bigger one you're making, you could easily 
>make it solar powered (if it's not already.)

I'm planning using battery power for now, mainly because I already have a 12 V
gel cell lead acid battery. In future I would like to use solar panels,
especially if hanging a panel with a reflective concentrator from the top center
of the airship works.


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