Ground-effect vehicles: Radacraft G-35 & C-850

I've heard little bits about ground-effect vehicles, and just started doing
some research. These are like small planes that fly only about 1 meter
above the land or sea, using less fuel, requiring no runways, and suffering
less drag than standard planes. 

Aside from looking very cool, they seem like fairly optimal transports for
coastal/island zones, as well as floating cities, and provide capabilities
for passenger or cargo transport.

Some excerpts:

Built to skim one metre above the water or land at better than 125 km an
hour, the Radacraft would be able to carry passengers or commercial loads
to out of the way places without any special landing spaces or docking


The Radacraft C-850 in keeping with its simple philosophy has incorporated
a radical new undercarriage that has no wheels but still allows it to
operate over any level surface with a density equal to or greater than
water without bogging down. This means that no beach or mud flat or even
coral reef will stop the Radacraft from delivering its cargo. Also in
keeping with environmental concerns the pressure footprint of the Radacraft
is less than that of a human. The test pilot for the G-35 said that it was
so impressive that with a little practice he could probably maneuver around
a shopping center car park.

Projected price on the pages dated 1996 were about $200,000 (Australian

Find out more here:

They also have links to other developers and images here:

This looks like an extremely promising technology, and potentially very
useful to us as we begin to build offshore habitats. For everything from
bringing out supplies to tourists to returning trade goods to the mainland,
having this sort of transport capability would certainly be an asset.

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