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Got a reply from Mike with links to his current site.

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Date:    Mon, 24 Sep 2001 12:01:53 -0700
From:    M Walden <mk_walden at yahoo dot com>
To:      salsbury at sculptors dot com
Subject: Re: Mike Walden's airships 2001

Hi Patrick:

Just passing by the archive...
Found your recent message...

Yes... still very deeply involved with LTA..

See out new web site at..

New "Work" (I define it as "real progress"):

We have successfully built flown the first CAMBOT RC
camera/telecommunications platform both indoors and
out doors.  The second larger unit is currently under

See "products", "Cambot"

A "few" people are now building the new LTAS
Ultra-Light FAR-103 airship.  (an improvement over my
original Helios design which I had brought a model of
to the Helios board meeting)
Of course this is a slow progress program due to the
fact that I am producing the detailed 3D parts and
assembly drawings as they reach each stage and they
acquire funding to move ahead.

(The CAMBOT-II is about a 1/4 scale model of this
ship.) Hopefully at least one will finish by next

"Waldenoid" ships have now been licensed and built in
Europe and testing of advanced telecomm payloads is
underway for SOSCS/HAPs missions.

See "News", "SkyLarc / Wireless Europe"

A very good paper on the advantages of "fin less
airship design for stratospheric communications" was
presented by the Univ. of Stutgartt HALE airship
project at the 2000 airship symposium where this ship

mr. McCoy conducted a "Thought experiment" on the 

airship-list at lists dot colorado dot edu

that established to most people's satisfaction that my
DCB buoyancy control system works... This has also
been confirmed by AIAA papers from  "Stratospheric
shuttle balloon" by Onda and recent hangar test models
in Japan (2001 AIAA paper) . NASA GAINS balloon
project also built and tested RC models.  

ASSAS ships will NOT be using my system.
Hope this helps...

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Mike Walden's airships
From: Patrick Salsbury (salsbury at sculptors dot com)
Date: 09/02/01 

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I know some folks from the Helios project had dealt
with (and fought with, apparently) Mike in the past.
Is he still doing work in this area? Is anyone 
on the list still doing airship related work?  If so,
what's new in your airship world? Haven't heard any
news in a while... 

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