Wetzone Engineering: Airships providing artificial rain for fighting fires.

I saw this one in the July 15, 2002 issue of Business Week, on p. 91. 


	Wetzone Engineering is a group proposing the use of large (1000' long) 
airships to deliver water in the form of sustained artificial rainfall over 
forest fire areas. They talk about being able to deliver 10,000-20,000 gallons per 
hour continuous rainfall, for up to 4 hours, and even longer if you refill the 
ships in flight using conventional helicopters. They can also run watering 
operations all night, whereas current copters only fly during the day. 

	Looks like an interesting concept. Still seems to be in the idea 
stage, and looking to get funding, etc. I suspect that if they make it work, 
it'll be quite successful. 


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