Reality Sculptors back online. Sorry for the outage.

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Subject: Reality Sculptors back online. Sorry for the outage.
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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:36:53 -0800
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bucky dot sculptors dot com>

Hi, all!

We just had our first big storm of the season here in the Bay Area, and
power was out for 3 days up here in the mountains, so everything on the
website and mailing lists was down. 

Things seem to be up and working correctly again, so feel free to re-post
anything that bounced in the past few days, and to resume normal list

Hopefully, we won't have more outages like this, but honestly, I don't
trust PG&E's system that well. :-) If anyone has fuel-cells they want
beta-tested, I certainly volunteer! 

As an aside, my small off-grid power system provided us with enough backup
power to keep our fish-tank pumps running, provide electricity for
electronics stuff, and even to give periodic juice to our refrigerator, so
we didn't lose everything in it. I think so far, the total loss in the
fridge is one package of tofu-dogs. Now we're going to plan scaling that
system up so we're not as vulnerable in the future here at the house.

Again, sorry for the downtime!


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