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	 Patrick G. Salsbury -
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Do you value your privacy? If so, take note of what's coming down the pipe:

	The United States Government should encourage the development of
those products that would provide a capability allowing law enforcement
(Federal, State, and local), with a court order only, to gain timely access
to the plaintext of either stored data or data in transit. 
	Unless law enforcement has the benefit of such market encouragement,
drug traffickers, spies, child pornographers, pedophiles, kidnappers,
terrorists, mobsters, weapons proliferators, fraud schemers, and other
criminals will be able to use encryption software to protect their criminal
activity and hinder the criminal justice system. 
					      106th CONGRESS - 1st Session
                                            HR2616 - Section 3 (Para. 14-15) 
                                         July 27, 1999 -

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