Re: Flying Car - Tarn-D Drive System

	I'm certainly interested.  I'm just scared because this sounds like an
	"... now how much would you pay?" is all that's missing from the end.

clueless at thegrid dot net

> From: George Grant <george-henry at grant-jnr dot freeserve dot co dot uk>
> To: autopilot at sculptors dot com
> Subject: Flying Car - Tarn-D Drive System
> Date: Thursday, December 28, 2000 11:51 AM
> Is any one out there interested in a drive system which does not require
> external friction to create directional motive force?
> No high/low air pressures, no rubber on tarmac, no gushing of hot gasses.
> Prototype proving system will be ready to demo mid Feb 2001.
> Interested?

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