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> Hi there:
> I just returned from a Delta flight and read on an on board magazine an 
> article about this entrepreneur that is presently building hovercars.  They 
> are selling for 60K US Dollars.  There was even a picture in the magazine of 
> him and a passenger flying this vehicle.  It looks like a Ferrari car body 
> (yes - in red) with two side turbines...probably 1+1/2ft in diameter and 3ft 
> long.  What do you know about this inventor?
> Please let me know.
> Thanks
> Michael Phillips
	Sounds like the Moller Skycar:

	This has been in development for a long time (decades, actually). 
They've done some flight tests with an earlier model, but I don't know that 
they've flown an M400, yet. 
	Another interesting one is the SoloTrek: 
It's a single-person VTOL craft, which is being worked on with help from NASA 
in Sunnyvale, CA. Looks very cool. :-)

	I'm CC'ing this to the autopilot mailing list. Partly because it's 
been quiet for too long, and mainly because that's the place we're most likely 
to discuss flying cars. :-) If you're interested in this, I'd suggest joining 
the list. Instructions are at

	Hope this helps!

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