Re: Flying Car - Tarn-D Drive System

Sorry Guys!
I know, it's all a bit much.
A bit OTT!
If it's too much, think of it a dream, no fear, nothing is impossible, no
What would you do?
"The only impossible things are those that have not yet been done"
"Dreams are the realities of those yet to come"
Come on cyber buddies, what would you do?

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> The  problems I see that need to be overcome are:
> Boundaries - If one has a vehicle which is no bigger than the average
> motorcar that could travel at any speed the whole existence of national
> boundaries just could not exist. One could live in London, travel 40
> to the office in Rome and drop by Cairo for some figs on the way home.
> Existing Industry - No more roads to build or maintain. All that cash
> invested in the manufacture of cars, boats, trains, planes. How will
> industry react?
> Military - Again akin to boundaries, but a small group of bandits from say
> Nigeria landing without notice in the middle of the queens summer garden
> party.
> Limitless speed - Some fool would push to hard and end up crashing into a
> populated area at high speed like a meteorite killing hundreds.
> Possible benefits:
> Cheap transport costs - Food from the west going to Africa.
> Disabled peoples transport. Go anywhere.
> Holidays in space/on the moon in just a few years from now.
> As you can see? when it comes it will be rather big.
> Any ideas as to how to keep control?
> Regards
> George Grant.

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