network outage: Back on line...

Hi, all.
	Various people noticed the network outage we had the other day, and 
while things are back up and running, I did want to apologize for the downtime
and explain what happened.
	Apparently, 4 trees fell on the road to my friend Eric's house,
which is where I have the mail/webserver co-located. These caused breaks in
the power lines in three different places, and PG&E had to bring out a
truck and string 1/2 mile of new cable to get things working again.
Apparently, they also needed to replace a transformer that blew. 
	Surprisingly, even though the power lines suffered such damage, the
phone lines were intact. Eric has UPS backups, but those only last for so
long, and we still don't have a generator over there. (Much less a
fuel-cell or anything cool like that. :-)  )

	All-told, the outage lasted about 26 hours. The real kicker,
though, is that the crews were working on it the first night (Thursday),
and got a call from the home office telling them to quit for the night,
because they couldn't afford to pay the linemen overtime with the current
money shortage they're having. So they packed up and left, returning the
next day.

	Ah, well. Gotta love those utilities. Even with a $400,000,000.00
bailout by the State of California, they can't pay their people overtime.
Go figure. :-)

	In any event, things are up and running smoothly again. 

A few administrative notes:
	If you *hadn't* noticed the outage, but you're getting this
message, that means you're on a mailing list that's probably not too busy.
You can change that by posting something to it. :-)

	If you forgot that you were on one of the lists hosted by, and want to get off of it (well, if it's *that* quite, it
probably isn't really bothering you), check for info, or if you're on one of
the private lists not listed there, contact me and we'll sort it out. (It
follows the same format as the instructions on that page, but with the name
of your mailing list (shown in the headers of this message). 

	If you're no longer at this email address, then you probably won't
even see this. But I will. I get lots of bounces whenever I send out one of
these broadcast messages. Luckily, the server's been behaving lately, so I
haven't had to send too many of 'em.

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