Re: Flying Car - Tarn-D Drive System

On Fri, Jan 05, 2001 at 10:48:57PM -0000, George Grant wrote:
> OK, you guys don't have any answers.
> That's cool!
> I always expected t die alone, it's good to see a plan come together.
> I will not contact you again, just look to the news, you could have been a
> part of the New Order.
> Best regards
	Well, George, I'm not sure that leaving in a huff is going to help.
It certainly isn't constructive. And realistically, withouth clear info,
how can we make educated guesses? You make claims of "limitless speed", but
how do you back this up? 
	The folks on  the list are certainly up for discussing scientific
possibilities, but without data, you're just talking pie-in-the-sky
daydreaming, and then we might as well all pretend we have magic carpets.

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