Flying Car/Autopilot Interview with CBC Radio

I had an interesting and funny thing happen the other day...

	I got an email from a guy named Alan Neal, who is the trends
columnist for CBC Radio in Ottawa, Canada, who found an article that I
originally posted here on 8/20/98
( ) and which
apparently made it to an external website called HoverTech, where Alan
found it:
	Alan was doing a spot on the future of commuting and transport, and
wanted to interview me about my thoughts on flying cars and autopilot
systems. So yesterday, I went to the San Jose branch of KQED Radio, and
they set up a conference link with Ottawa (phone interviews are poor
audio quality, and they try not to use them on radio if they can help it.)
	It went pretty well, I think, and I believe he was going to start
broadcasting it on his Trends program starting today or in the next few
days. I've asked if I can get a copy of the piece, and if I do, I'll put an
MP3 up on the website for people to grab and listen to.

	More as it happens. :-)
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