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Howdy! Long time, no post!

Found this one in the Danish news:

Majority support planned speed limit hike

1. august 2003 
The government is set to raise the speed limit on many motorways and 'A' roads

The Liberals, Conservatives and the Danish People's Party (DPP) reached broad 
agreement on a proposal to raise the speed limit on a limited number of roads.
 Last Thursday, the DPP reached an agreement with the rest of the ruling 
coalition to support a controversial move which would raise the top legal 
speed limit to 100 kilometres per hour on selected motorways and 'A' roads.

At the same time, members of PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen's Liberal party and 
his Conservative allies were also examining a proposal to reduce the speed 
limit at a number of accident black spots, as well as to increase the 
penalties for speeding. The proposal will see local authorities actively 
involved in setting speed limits in their own areas of jurisdiction. 
According to the government, the proposal was designed to provide a more 
flexible approach to traffic movement on the nation's highways.

'We are looking forward to seeing a proposal from the government regarding 
where, and by how much, the speed limit shall be raised,' DPP transport 
spokesperson Peter Skaarup told Ekstra Bladet last week, adding,  'Our attitude 
(to the proposal) is basically positive.'

But the change will not be implemented without cost to the government. 
Before the rules can be brought into force, the government was expected 
to ask for substantial extra finances to be set aside for traffic safety. 

The proposals are now being examined by the government-sponsored Commission 
for Road Safety.

	This one seems like a good model to keep in mind for an autopilot 
system. The roads themselves should be able to broadcast what the local speed 
limit is, and "accident black spots" should be auto-tallied and reported, so 
that speed limits, etc.,  can be auto-adjusted. (The same holds true for 
real-time data such as accidents, traffic, construction work, highway 
obstructions, etc. All of these things should be reporting into a live mapping 
system of the roadways, so vehicles can know where trouble is, and plot 
alternative routes around it, similar to how the Internet routers do today.


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