A call to all design scientists for some quick activity

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Subject: A call to all design scientists for some quick activity
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 14:39:20 -0800
From: Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bootstrap dot sculptors dot com>

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Hi, all!
	I'm sending this to multiple lists, so apologies if you get a couple 
copies of this. 
	I've been working with Leifur Thor, a fellow design scientist from San 
Francisco to try and build a centralized clearing-house of info and links to 
resources of interest to the design science community. We're hoping it will 
become a rich portal that helps bring together many of the different projects, 
people, and publications covering the wide range of topics in design science.

	As such, we've constructed a new Wiki space (similar to the Sculptors
Wiki on the Reality Sculptors website, but one that is focused on Design 
Science, rather than the many interwoven topics on the other wiki) and it's up 
and running at http://reality.sculptors.com/cgi-bin/dsc

	There's also an online design science forum on Yahoo, and we want to 
breathe life into that.

	This is where you all come in... We want to fill both with lots of 
links, images, projects and information, and show as many of the things going 
on in the field as possible. And since you *are* the community, who better to ask? 

	Please go to both URLs and check out the basic structure, learn how to edit 
and add content, then follow the existing format and add things to the pages. 
And if you could, please start ASAP. 

	Leifur has been working closely with the producers of the Bucky Fuller 
play in San Francisco (if you're unfamiliar with this, check  
http://reality.sculptors.com/cgi-bin/wiki?BuckyPlay) and wants to show them 
what sort of resources are available online, so they'll put a mention of the 
new Design Science Community resources into the play program, or the lobby of 
the show. 

	He's going to be giving them a demo of what we've built on *THIS* Friday
night (3 days!) and we'd like to have as much there as we can. (That's why I 
mentioned the urgency for quick action.)

	I just went to see the play again last week, and it was, once again, 
fantastic and inspiring. And what was more exciting were the hundreds of 
people who had gotten excited and inspired by the play. They were asking 
questions, buying books and videos, and wanting to learn more about design 
science, and how they could get involved. 

	To date, the play has run more than 400 shows, and been seen by more 
than 65,000 people! Leifur, I, and others who've been talking about it, think 
it's critical to provide a resource for those newly-inspired people so they 
can get involved and lend their mind-power to the problems facing the planet. 
That's what these new resources and forums are about. 

	Yes, there are already lots of lists and websites and projects going 
on. Yes, we've all got a few links here and there pointing to our projects. 
We'd like this to become the "Yellow Pages" of the Design Science field. The 
first place people go, because they can find everything there. 

	So please, jump in, and tell about your projects, provide links, and 
let's build it! The more we connect this community, the more synergy we'll 
create, and the more people/ideas/resources/support each of our projects will 
have to draw on. Truly a win-win-win situation.

	Thanks for your attention, and I hope to see your contributions on the 
new wiki and the forum. 

	   ___________________Think For Yourself____________________
	 Patrick G. Salsbury - http://reality.sculptors.com/~salsbury/
  Comprehensive, Anticipatory, Design Science: http://reality.sculptors.com/
      "Once you have the knowledge about making something better, and you
 have the ability to do it, then you have the responsibility." - Sanford Mazel

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