Reality Sculptors Wiki posting problem post! :-)

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Subject: Reality Sculptors Wiki posting problem post! :-)
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When we migrated things to the new webserver last spring, there were only a 
couple of bumps. One of them (which only 2 people other than myself seemed to 
notice in the interceding 4-5 months) was that posting/editing to the wiki 
pages was broken. (I guess that's a sad reflection on the traffic that the 
wiki gets, but you can help change that! Read on...)

I finally got to sit down and debug the problem, and as I suspected, it was a
simple (*really* simple!) fix...once I knew exactly what to do and how to do

Anyway, the practical upshot is that you can now add/edit/correct content on 
the wiki pages, again. So please do so! There are a lot of dangling 
forward-links and left-unfinished bits already in there, and more topics and 
areas waiting to be built. It's more than any one (or few) of us can do, but 
we can all do a little bit about the things we know about, and improve the 
overall result. 

If you haven't looked at it in a while...well, not much has changed in the 
last 4-5 months! ;-) But I'm hoping that there will be a burst of new activity 
as you all get inspired and begin bouncing ideas off of one-another. 

Now would be a great time to go browsing through and reacquaint yourself with 
what's there, and what still needs to be added. I suspect you'll be surprised 
and find something new in there, somewhere. 

Have fun! 

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