Fog collection links

Just found these through Slashdot:
	$450 polypropylene nets in the Atacama region of Chile (I think
this is one of the driest regions on the planet.) They're catching passing
fog, pulling it out of the air, and diverting it to tanks.

	Also, the 2nd International Conference on Fog and Fog Collection is
being held next July in Newfoundland, Canada.
	I don't see any price info yet on the conference, but hotel rooms
range from $141-181 (Canadian), for double-occupancy. There is a place on
the site to sign up for notification about the conference, which I'm going
to do. 

	There are also 5 issues of their "Fog Newsletter" available
for download (PDF format) on the site. Looks pretty cool. I'm going to grab
a couple of them for review. 

	Does anyone on the list live anywhere near Newfoundland? 

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