Interesting numbers from the Fog Newsletters, &

The October, 2000 issue (Issue #5) of the Fog Newsletter, at has some
interesting numbers regarding a fog collection project at Atiquipa, Peru.
They have constructed 20 fog collectors with a total surface area of
960m^2. Previous studies in the area show collection rates that averaged
15L/m^2/day in 1997, and a maximum rate of 200L/m^2/day in 1996. The new
system was put into operation in 1999, and was officially inaugurated in
May, 2000. It has produced about 6000m^3 of water in one year, greatly
increasing the amount of water available to irrigate crops.

Issue 3, from Feb, 2000, shows a 450,000L reservoir in Mejla, Peru which is
kept filled with water collected from fog. There are also numerous other
mentions in the newsletters of various projects yeilding hundreds or even
thousands of liters of water per day. 

All of these collection systems, as near as I can tell, work without any
power input. They are large mesh screens hanging in the air. As the fog
blows by, water collects on the mesh and runs down to catchment pipes which
take the water to some reservoir and/or filter system for use. 

And while we're talking about cool links and resources, I'll post this one
They've got a huge section on fog collection, as well as lots of plans for
how to make pumps, wells, etc. at low cost for rural and impoverished

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