SafeWater Anywhere (auto-filtering system in a drink bottle)

Just found this one:

This is a really neat system. It's a set of inline filters (pre-filter and 
primary filter) that remove sediment, microbes, pathogens, and their bottles 
come impregnated with an antimicrobial compound that suppresses bacteria, mold, 
milder, and fungus growth. 

The recent post I made to clean-water about the work of the Carter 
Foundation's work to eliminate Guinea Worm 
( involves using 
a system such as this in a "drinking straw" configuration that people can wear 
around their neck on a string. The biggest problem they've faced is educating 
everyone that they should always use the straw when drinking from any water 

This system takes it one step further by integrating the filter into the water 
bottle. So people could go and fill the bottle from any stream or ground water 
source, then drink from it, and get clean water. 

This has obvious application in disaster relief. And with entire filter/
reservoir systems priced between $45-$70 (retail) and replacement filter parts 
between $7-$35 (retail), it seems like a reasonably affordable system. 

Remember that if we were to order these by the millions, we'd get a 
considerable discount, and that lack of clean water supplies contribute to 
approximately 80% of world disease. Also remember that after the initial shock 
of a disaster (such as the tidal wave in Papua New Guinea, the earthquake in 
Turkey, or Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, the lack of a reliable and clean 
supply of water led to huge death tolls, outbreaks of disease, and lots of 

Do check out the system. It's quite impressive.


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