New USGS study on micro-pollutants in water, other resources.

This one made the front page of the SJ Mercury News today:

It's a study the US Geological Survey has released on water sources in 30
states testing for 95 different micro-pollutants. They were finding
contaminations of things such as cholesterol, triclosan (a widely used
disinfectant), hormones, fragrances, solvents, antibiotics and other drugs,
both prescription and over-the-counter. 

Chemicals and un-consumed medicines are flowing through us, washing off us
in the shower, washing off of feed lots, and all ending up in the streams &
rivers of the country. (No real surprise, there, but this is confirmation.)

They also pointed to further references at: and and I found the EPA's Water
Page at which appears to be a tremendous

One thing I found troubling was this line: 
	"There is no known way to remove most of these contaminants from
sewage and wastewater." 

It doesn't consider the use of Living Machines (
and bioremediation techniques to effectively treat pollution. I've been
researching these for the past few months, and am now in the process of
building a table-top Living Machine which I hope to use to treat water from
our aquarium and reduce or eliminate the need to do water changes (to
remove nitrates). 

I'm going to contact the author to let her know about Living Machines and
the stunning results of biological waste treatment. 

Also, just digging through the Ocean Arks, Intl. pages, and they've put
together a *fantastic* list of books, articles, and resources dealing with
ecological design. I own and have read several of these, and they've been
excellent, so I'm quite excited to find more books of that caliber.

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