Re: Atmospheric condensers

N . wrote:
 > In particular I'm trying to get a working condenser prototype that uses
 > active cooling working by the end of the year, so if anyone out there
 > has tried it with a kerosene or solar refrigerator I'd be really happy
 > to hear from you. Likewise if you think it's a crackpot idea that will
 > never work.

Good luck with that. I have a special interest in ammonia absorption
cooling and see no reason why it won't work for atmospheric condensing.
I'll be interested to hear about your results. I wrote a simulator
program for a continuous-flow solar powered NH3 air conditioner but I've
never tested it in hardware. A batch-flow solar refrigerator like the
Isaacs seems like a more practical idea -- generating ammonia in
daylight, then condensing water at night.

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