Re: Atmospheric condensers

Yes, OTEC rules. Government in Victoria (Australia) is also building a 200MW solar (thermal) tower, very promising for a country like Australia that has lots of space and sunshine.
Yes, NH3 mechanical refrigeration seems to be a popular approach to mechanical cooling for Airconditioners. Eric Hu also built an active carbon methanol ice maker, but he had some problems - namely that it only produced ice at night, and that the methanol degraded over time, and also corroded the system hardware.

The system I really need to use is water (working fluid) and a xeolite adsorber. The xeolite is really cheap, and if the system leaked you could always refill with water (I think). You need vacuum state to make it work though. The big thing about the prototype is that it needs to be serviceable with *no* outside support, so water as a working fluid would be great. One tinhg I really don't get is why most of the systems charge up during the day and then provide cooling at night - that's a big problem, since the most productive time for condensers is late atfernoon / early evening.

anyone who has any comments or pitfalls, I'd be grateful for your advice. Thanks again,

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