Dome Raisings

OK, two more dome raisings coming up:

May 31, Eugene, OR, 50' dome on 2' riser wall.  Contact Bryce and Sandy
Halonen of Alpine Domes at (541) 847-5545 if you'd like to attend.

TBA, Sierra Vista, AZ, 50' dome on 1' riser wall.  Contact Jonathan
Beidelman of Domes Diversified at (520) 445-1212.

Also, the Monticello, IN, dome raising has been set for May 31.  Contact
Mike and Donna McCormick at (219) 278-7152.

Nathan Burke,
Oregon Dome, Inc.

E-mail:  oregon at domes dot com
Address:  3215 Meadow Lane, Eugene OR  97402
Fax:  (541) 689-9275
Phone:  (800) 572-8943

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