Re: Shrink-wrap domes

-From: Debra_Kinsinger at mail dot fws dot gov
-Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 12:10:52 MST
-When I was building my tipi, I was very concerned with using fire retardant 
-materials.  The idea of a space heater surrounded by plastic makes me shudder.
-Have any ideas on this aspect? transparency and lightweight are good goals.  
-However a translucent fabric like cotton canvass can provide much of this, 
-allowing light to enter without a window, providing privacy and being of 
-reasonable light weight but not gossamer.  It is somewhat naturally fire 
-resistant but can be treated to be even more fire resistant.
	Well, the heater-for-shrink-wrap is a one-time process. You just
throw the bag material over your frame, start up the heater, (and being in
the center-floor of the dome, it's about equidistant from everything, so it
shouldn't be a problem) and allow the plastic to shrink until snug. 
	I've never tried this, just thought of the idea recently. However,
as a quick construction, leakproof greenhouse, or disaster relief shelter
(non-transparent, obviously), I think this would make an excellent

- How does this pertain to domes? I was considering trying to either
-purchase or make a gigantic, semi-spherical "bag" of this material, to
-fluff & drape over a geodesic framework. Then, fasten down the edges, put a
-space-heater inside the dome, and the bag just shrinks to fit, nice & tight
-over the frame. The stuff wouldn't be durable over multiple seasons, most
-likely, but would make for a very neat, ultra-light "gossamer" structure,
-and if it was truly that easy to apply, you could just do a new one each
	I guess I repeat myself. :) Sorry. This one was from a while ago. I
don't get to answer the mail each day, so it comes in spurts, and at odd

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