Re: Shrink-wrap domes

Patrick Salsbury <salsbury at bootstrap dot sculptors dot com> writes:
> Well, the heater-for-shrink-wrap is a one-time process. You just
> throw the bag material over your frame, start up the heater, (and
> being in the center-floor of the dome, it's about equidistant from
> everything, so it shouldn't be a problem) and allow the plastic to 
> shrink until snug.
> I've never tried this, just thought of the idea recently. However, as a 
> quick construction, leakproof greenhouse, or disaster relief shelter 
> (non-transparent, obviously), I think this would make an excellent
> solution.

This is similar to the process we used to stretch our silkscreen frames and get
a good, tight, even fit. The material most often used is a polyester, not a
silk. We used metal frames, with a simple cam-lock arrangement. The fabric fits
into a groove on all four sides of the frame and a teflon strip that's slightly
wider along one edge than the other (a long, skinny cam) slides into the groove
on top; then the groove itself, is rotated to stretch the fabric. The fabric is
usually wet when you put it on; as it dries, it tightens. Sometimes a heated
blower is used to dry it faster.

I thought this would make a great arrangement for weatherstripping windows...
but the fabric is not transparent. It would make a beautiful dome covering,

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