Iran Earthquake

I think this is a wonderful idea! It may not be as far fetched to implement
as you may think (re: your comment about this being a long way off).

The way to approach making this a reality is to secure funding to develop
the shelter prototype, and then additional funding to fabricate and store
the portable shelters for emergency purposes.

The KEY question is: What's it gonna cost?  What's are the development
costs, and what are the production costs.  If you/we/the group can develop
a cost model for this, then funding can be pursued.

I belive that funding could be secured to do this, but the KEY question
must be addressed before anything else can happen.

I can help with cost determination, once a basic design is nailed down.  I
haven't followed this thread all that closely; how much detail is already
in place about how such a structure would work, be assembled, be stored,
etc.  Also concerns about fire resistance, water resistance, etc. 

One of my customers is in the cardboard container industry. I can certainly
solicit advice/information from them once a design begins to emerge.

So... wanna put your money(effort) where your mouth is?  <- gentle humor

P.S. I found our country's *generous* contribution to the Iranian people of
$100K equally distressing.  I complained to my Senator (the inimitable
Jesse Helms), FWIW.

>filtering, cooking facilities, etc. 
>Eventually, I'd like to see Reality Sculptors develop some sort of
>emergency response team, where some disaster like this hits, and we
>immediately airlift in 10,000 shelters and survival packs, to help
>stabilize things. And then, over time, have longer-focus teams that help
>them rebuild. (Perhaps without so much deadly concrete, steel, and stone
>next time.)
>That's a long ways off, but that's the kind of problems that we can
>tackle. There are new ones popping up all the time. 

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