RE: Iran Quake

Patrick G. Salsbury <salsbury at sculptors dot com> writes:

> As an aside: I read that the Iranians applied for $8.2 million
>(US value, I guess) in international humanitarian aid. The U.S.
>donated $100,000.

>       Kind of embarassing, really. :-(

 This is the first time I find myself in disagreement with Patrick,
I wouldn't give Iran a nickel, I'll give you three reasons why:

1) The takeover of the U.S. Embassy (one Marine dead)

2) The destruction of the Marine compound in Beirut (hundreds of  
 Marines dead).

3) The bombing of the World Trade Center (several dead, hundreds  

Other than this I'm in complete agreement as to the worldwide need
for such a service, perhaps as an arm of the International Red


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