Cardboard domes, kids, and the Future...

-From: EarlyBird at reddragon dot com
-Date: 7 Oct 1997 08:48:20 EDT
-SA>-carol duvall did a crafts show for kids once where she built a playhouse do
-SA>-of cardboard,i sent for the tape, but the tape was missing the part on how
-SA>-make the tamplates. i have had no luck on getting any info out of carol
-SA>-duvall or the company that produced the video(goodtimes video)
-SA>         I haven't seen this, but there *is* a cardboard playdome for
-SA>children in the Buckminster Fuller Institute's catalog. Actually, my design
-SA>partner and I were talking about marketing the 1/2 scale model we built as
-SA>a children's playhouse. It was about 5.5' high at apex, and about 13'
-SA>across. The full-scale model was about 11' high at apex, and about 24'
-SA>across. It was going to rest on a 2'-2.5' high brick/cinderblock wall built
-SA>around a concrete pad, thus giving 13' vaulted ceilings.
-Pat - that may be just what you need to get your ideas across to the
-general public.  Sometimes it's hard to grasp such a concept - but
-people *will* buy a playhouse for their children or grandchildren - and
-once they see the design they'll begin to see how it can work on a
-larger scale.
	Yeah, this is a good idea. I agree that it's easier to think of
"playhouse" than "house", and if kids grow up with the idea, in 20 years
they'll want their own house, and know what they like. :-)

	Along this line, I've also considered coming out with a line of
toys & comic books that deal with things the Reality Sculptors Project is
concerned with (floating cities, mobile homes/labs that can go anywhere on
the planet, helping people in far-off places to grow their own food, get
educated, etc.) that kids could play with to familiarize themselves with
the ideas. 
	I think it'd be neat to have something like a comic book series,
where people are going all over the world with lots of high-tech tools, to
solve real problems in real places. (Problems that the kids just might have
heard about on the news, if they're watching the news.) And after several
years of following this, if they found out that the comics were based on
REAL people, with REAL high-tech tools, who REALLY go all over the planet
to solve these problems, and that they (the kids) can join in and
contribute, then we might have pre-trained our next generation of

	Sort of a variation on the idea of the "Secret Decoder Ring" and
the clubs that spring up over the years. Kids want to BELONG, and often
their ideas are more lucid, and more creative, than anything you'll find
coming out of the political establishment. If we can give them a place to
contribute their ideas and efforts, I think we'll be a good way towards
making some real progress in changing the way things are. 

	Thoughts? Ideas? 

	Anyone out there a comic book artist, or toy designer? :-) (I do
know a few comic artists and writers... Perhaps we can get something

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