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-From: "Hoschke, Andrew AH" <Hoschke dot Andrew dot AH at bhp dot com dot au>
-Date: Mon, 29 Sep 1997 08:22:00 +1000
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-Hello all,
-I'm a lurker from the domehome list. I've been watching this list for a
-while trying to get a grip on its' scope. I still have no idea but I
-thought I'd try a post anyway. I'm soon to be a refuge from the city,
-and I'm looking at ways to set myself up as self-sufficiently as
-possible, on 25-50 acres, on the NSW North Coast in Australia. To do
-this I have to gain huge amounts of knowledge, most of which I imagine I
-will gain in my failures and successes while I try to survive. If anyone
-can give me practical advice and ideas to help they would be very
	For general off-the-grid living, I highly recommend The Solar
Living Sourcebook from Real Goods ( ) It's got
about 500+ pages of good info on everything from pumping water, to
collecting solar heat, to setting up solar cell arrays and wiring inverters
into the electrical system. And to top it all off, it's also a catalog
with all the off-the-grid hardware you need to build your dream house. 

-What I am looking at building now is a solar food dehydrator. I've
-thought up a simple design of a basic box, cut diagonally in half and a
-sheet of glass placed over open side. Inside flyscreen racks would be
-placed and ventilation holes would be pierced in the bottom of the box
-and the top of the backside of the box. As  the air heats up it should
-extract moisture from the food and rise though the ventilation holes.
-This is a very simple design and should work but any ideas to improve it
-would be appreciated. What distance should there be between the racks?
-How big should the ventilation holes be? How big should the whole
-structure be? Should the inside be painted black to absorb heat or white
-to reflect heat? Does anyone have any experience with a solar dryer?
-Thanks for your help. If I'm sending this to the wrong list please let
-me know, of a more appropriate list.
	I think Harmon answered this already, with a great pointer. But I'd
say that this kind of topic also falls within the scope of domesteading and
independant living. Let us know how your dehydrator works out! 

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