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>-From: EarlyBird at reddragon dot com
>-Date: 7 Oct 1997 08:48:20 EDT
>-SA>-carol duvall did a crafts show for kids once where she built a playhouse do
>-SA>-of cardboard,i sent for the tape, but the tape was missing the part on how

Check out This is not a dome
structure. But the polypro. material (looks just like cardboard) is impervious
to water damage. Although not as cheap as cardboard it seems more suitable for
an outdoor structure. The other cool thing about this stuff is that if you cut
it carefully a good portion of the seams would already be waterproof.

>-SA>-make the tamplates. i have had no luck on getting any info out of carol
>-SA>-duvall or the company that produced the video(goodtimes video)
>-SA>         I haven't seen this, but there *is* a cardboard playdome for
>-SA>children in the Buckminster Fuller Institute's catalog. Actually, my design
>-SA>partner and I were talking about marketing the 1/2 scale model we built as
>-SA>a children's playhouse. It was about 5.5' high at apex, and about 13'
>-SA>across. The full-scale model was about 11' high at apex, and about 24'
>-SA>across. It was going to rest on a 2'-2.5' high brick/cinderblock wall built
>-SA>around a concrete pad, thus giving 13' vaulted ceilings.

This poly material is used a lot in the sign industry and I have meant to bring
it up for some time now, what with all the talk about emergency shelters,
playhouses etc. It also seems to me that the most sensible means to provide a
leak proof "quickdome" would be brush on goo or a secondary "cover".

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