Busy, busy!


	Monica (one of the list-members) just sent me a ping to see what
was up, and I realized I've been completely out-of-phase with everyone,

	As I was telling her, work has been VERY busy for the past week or
two. (I put in a 73 hour work week last week, not counting the many hours
of playing video games with a co-worker to blow-off some stress. :-) ) But
we just did a huge product launch, which has been in the works for the past
year or two.

	Basically, we've put together an automated system that takes our
news-stories that we put out over the web (ClariNet publishes over 3500
stories per day) and cross-links about 1000 or so of them per day with
supporting info and hyperlinks to other resources. 
	So, if you're reading a story about Sports, you can click on a
player's name, or a team name, and get stats, scores, etc., about them.
If you're reading about Clinton's visit to South America, there will be
links about him, about the countries he's visiting, the people he's
meeting, places he's going, etc. Stories about the tobacco industry might
have links to pages with info on medical risks, lung-cancer, recent court
decisions, etc. Business stories show links to mentioned companies,
technologies, scientific sites, etc.

	It's really cool. Like having your daily newspaper linked into an
encyclopedia, so you can get as much info as you want about topics you're
interested in. 

	If your ISP is a ClariNet customer (places like Netcom, Earthlink,
Mindspring, many Universities & gov't labs) then you may be able to see
this stuff in the near future. But even if you're not a customer, you can
get a free daily email service we've set up over the past year. We send out
front-page stories once or twice per day, in an HTML-formatted
email. (Readable with email programs like Netscape Mail, Eudora, Internet
Explorer, etc.) It gives you 7-8 stories, once or twice per day (your
choice) with top stories in the Business, USA, Worlds, Sports, Science, and
Living categories. Many of these have the same linking technology as
mentioned above, and will also give you access over the web to a further
70-80 stories per day. All free.

	If you want to check out what I've been doing over the past year,
go to http://www.clari.net/alert/ and you can sign up for the free email
	If you want to see more of what I do, check out
http://ambient.clari.net/ which is my webserver/machine at work. And if you
want to see what the hell I look like, nowadays (well, last year...), check
out http://ambient.clari.net/~patrick/ 

	Have fun!

(About ready for a vacation... ;^)  )
	   ___________________Think For Yourself____________________
		 Patrick G. Salsbury <salsbury at sculptors dot com>
	    Cryptography: It's not just for terrorists anymore. :-)

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