LED Lighting

	There's an interesting article in the latest Home Power Magazine
(#60, Aug/Sep 1997) about low-voltage LED lighting. Apparently, they now
make LEDs in white, and some also combine red & blue LEDs to create white
	They tend to run on 1.8-3.1 volts of electricity, consume between
.5 and 6.9 watts of power, and last almost forever. To quote: "The LED is
the longest lived light making device ever invented. LEDs now commonly last
500,000 hours before failure. With use every night, all night, this means
that an LED will last for over 100 years!"
	One drawback is that they're expensive, still. But that cost is
more than compensated for over time in the energy saved. Lights reviewed in
the article ranged from $49 to $240, depending on model, number of LEDs,
voltage configuration (12V or 117V), etc.
	Another drawback is that LEDs are generally rather focused, so
they're better for spot/task lighting, or something like a reading lamp,
rather than for general illumination of a room.

	They also compared two common compact fluourescents lights and a
standard GE incandescent, just for reference. As expected, the LEDs beat
the incandescant hands-down, and all did better than one of the compact
fluorescents, while three LEDs did better than both of the compact
fluorescents. Very interesting article. 

	Is anyone using this tech? Or familiar with it? It looks quite

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