funding needed for dome research

Does anyone know where to apply for grants or other types of funding for
geodesic dome research?  Or where I can find investors who would like to
get a business up and running?

I have been struggling along on a project and need funding to further
development of a fiberglass dome.

If you are familiar with Bucky Fullers Fly's Eye Dome you will know that he
designed two versions.  One is 24' inside diameter and the other is 50'
inside diameter.  This was one of the last geodesic dome designs that
Fuller prototyped and he felt that it was the ultimate way to mass produce
and build low cost, yet high performance dwellings.

I liked the 24' design but wanted to go up in size with it, so I reworked
the math and built tooling for a 33' structure.  Panels were made from the
mold(s) and after four long years the dome was/is finally erected.

Currently it is assembled in Bayonne NJ, but not for long.  It is at a
temporary site on city property.  I was hoping that word would get out
about the project and that an "angel" would contact me and offer unlimited
funding to finish a liveable model house as well as work with me on setting
up a business where we would produce this style dome.

A couple of sculpture parks are interested in the dome but no funding has
come in.

If you know of any funding directions or if you know of a potential buyer
of an unfinished Fly's Eye dome "shell"  I would greatly appreciate any
information sent my way.

You can contact me at the following e-mail address  
72740 dot 306 at compuserve dot com

Thank You for your time 

John Kuhtik

If you would like to see what the dome looks like you can e-mail me a
message and I can send a file your way!

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