Re: The DomeSteading List

J. and I have been having an offline discussion, but since it's about the
list, I figured it might be apropos to post it, and see what others
think. Comments or thoughts, anyone? 


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-I've just volunteered (and been accepted) to become the moderator for the
-DomeHome List.
-At the time I was lobbying for the creation of a "DomeSteading" list, I was
-unaware of the existence of the DomeHome one. These two lists seem to have
-such similar purposes, that I wonder if we should combine them? Does
-DomeSteading see very much traffic anymore? I see few (if any) posts, but
-it's possible that I'm no longer subscribed to it, since I've had trouble
-with my email bouncing. 
	I'm not sure we should merge them. 
	DomeHome seems to specifically focus on, and be a forum for, people
living in dome homes right now. So a lot of the discussion I see is on how
to prevent leaks, how to spackle the angles neatly, the right kind of
venting to prevent rot in the (wooden) structural members, etc. In other
words, it's about current dome houses built with current housing tech
(i.e. - wood and tarpaper shingles and sheetrock and concrete).
	This is fine, but it's a focused (and active!) forum. Rather than
try to divert it into something it's not, I'm hoping to shape domesteading
into what I'm looking for. (GEODESIC runs its own course, and tends to
focus on Bucky books and math, it seems...) 
	Also, as noted in my other letter, there is some overlap between
list members, so we've already got cross-pollination, but I think people
are probably expecting something different from a different list, or they
would have just stayed with one. 

	What I'm envisioning is a lot closer to something several
generations down the line from Bucky's Dymaxion Dwelling Machine. Something
that's lightweight, super-strong, built from manufactured, mass-producible
parts, pre-assembled, delivered intact, and able to function in a
"turn-key" manner. Very similar to an automobile, actually.
	Are you familiar with Bucky's analogy of trying to get a car built
in the same fashion that a house is built? (You take bids from contractors,
have someone draw up plans, 6 seperate unions come to set up shop in your
driveway, forging metal and sewing seat-cushions, etc... In the end, your
hand-made car takes 6-12 months to build, and costs you about US$250,000!)
	I'd like to see a Global Dwelling Service where you can pop up 3D
VRML walkthroughs of a bunch of different house designs on your screen,
click off items you want included at delivery (6-person hottub, or
10-person? 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope, or 12"?...Or perhaps a Dobsonian
Telescope...  How about wind-generator? Do you want the 3Kw or the 5Kw? How
many bedrooms should come pre-configured? How many people? This will
determine solar-cell requirements, dome diameter, water storage tank size,
	There need to be systems put in place for such a Global Dwelling
Service, so that we can not only manufacture, but deliver the goods. And
perhaps move them for people. Bucky was a big proponent of leasing out the
houses, in a sort of "subscriber" service, rather than selling them
outright. This allows the user to upgrade quickly and easily to new models,
as new tech arises, or as family size shifts. 

-I have seen a few posts to Geodesics Listserv, but, upon reflection, I think
-that they may have all been cross-posted.
-Let me know what you think.
	Geodesic is actually quite active (500+ messages in the last 3.5
months), if you're on the mailing list. There is a gateway to the
bit.listserv.geodesic newsgroup, but the propagation may not reach

	What do other list-members think about this?

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