Re: The DomeSteading List

The Butterfly <salsbury at sculptors dot com> writes:
> 	I'm not sure we should merge them. 
>	DomeHome seems to specifically focus on, and be a forum for, people
> living in dome homes right now. So a lot of the discussion I see is on how
> to prevent leaks, how to spackle the angles neatly, the right kind of
> venting to prevent rot in the (wooden) structural members, etc. In other
> words, it's about current dome houses built with current housing tech
> (i.e. - wood and tarpaper shingles and sheetrock and concrete).
>	This is fine, but it's a focused (and active!) forum. Rather than
> try to divert it into something it's not, I'm hoping to shape domesteading
> into what I'm looking for.

I see what you mean, and I couldn't agree more. 

>	Also, as noted in my other letter, there is some overlap between
> list members, so we've already got cross-pollination, but I think people
> are probably expecting something different from a different list, or they
> would have just stayed with one.

Yes, I've had several inquiries about the DomeSteading List in the last few
days. I expect to start seeing some of the same email signatures in both places.

I like the phrase "cross-pollination." I see a lot of things in just your last
message alone that would spark some fun conversations "over there." I intend to
selectively cross-pollinate, whenever I see something here that I think the
DomeHome crowd would enjoy talking about.

> 	I'd like to see a Global Dwelling Service where you can pop up 3D
> VRML walkthroughs of a bunch of different house designs on your screen,
> click off items you want included at delivery...

I confess I'm somewhere in between what you describe and what I perceive the
DomeHome List to be, but mostly for the simple reason that your scenario isn't
available yet, not because of any philosophical differences. "DomeSteading" to
me includes that stage of existence in which I think I will soon be finding
myself: living in a "temporary" structure while putting the pieces of
self-sufficiency together. And "self-sufficiency" includes the things I plan to
do for income and livelihood on my domestead. So it's less the manufactured
scenario you describe (mostly because the scenario isn't available yet), and a
good bit of the "builder" discussion that tends to dominate on the DomeHome

But I find it exciting to have one foot in both camps; it's possible to see our
culture and technology changing in the direction you describe.

And I think I have a handle, now, on a topic I'd like to throw open for
discussion... :-)


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