Re: The DomeSteading List

anthony kalenak <amkalenak at webtv dot net> writes:
> I have been on and monitored the Geodesics list
> for several years. It is (IMHO) an interesting
> resource for Bucky related topics, but often the
> posts are devoted to the esoterica of solid
> geometry. 


> I am much more interested in advancing the
> design of geodesic domes. I think to merge with
> DomeHome list might be a good move since traffic
> on Domesteading is so light and we could be
> confronted with the practical problems of dome
> dwellings. What will the current members of
> DomeHome think of our addition?

I proposed merging the two lists, but after hearing Pat's reasons for keeping
them separate, I'm inclined to agree with him and give the DomeSteading List
some time to develop some traffic. I'm content to subscribe to both lists. As he
points out, there does seem to be a difference in tone and subject matter
between the two lists (as well as a good bit of overlap). 

I think the signal to merge the two lists will come if/when we start noticing a
lot of the same people posting to them, and/or a lot of cross-posts.

I'm not *against* the idea of merging the two lists, but I'm content to stay in
"wait and see" mode. (If we ever do merge the lists, we'll have to resolve the
name issue... and, though I'm moderator of the DomeHome list, I really like the
name "DomeSteading," a lot :-) and I'd hate to see it go away.)

As for what the DomeHome folks would think, I think they would welcome your
participation, in whatever form. I posted a message about DomeSteading and
telling how to subscribe, and several DomeHomers expressed an interest, so I
think we *will* start to see some of the same names on both lists. 

BTW, the DomeHome Companion Web site is now up (though there's not a lot to look
at there, yet, unless you're a fan of "Under Construction" signs). We wanted to
make a place where some of our subscribers can post pictures, who don't have Web
sites of their own... or who just like the idea of an online community. Since
becoming involved with email lists, I've come to appreciate how powerful they
are at building community. Even so, email can be so faceless; a Web page
provides a focal point for the community that the email has built. We have some
photos of Brenda Myers' dome; and some other subscribers have sent me some
pictures, which I have to get off my butt and put up; and we are *officially* in
"collect the links" mode, so if you'd like a link to your site on the DomeHome
page, by all means drop me a line.

The URL is:


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