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-Date: Thu, 25 Sep 97 11:51:06 CDT
-From: jmr at management21 dot com (J. Michael Rowland)
-anthony kalenak <amkalenak at webtv dot net> writes:
-> I am much more interested in advancing the
-> design of geodesic domes. I think to merge with
-> DomeHome list might be a good move since traffic
-> on Domesteading is so light and we could be
-> confronted with the practical problems of dome
-> dwellings. What will the current members of
-> DomeHome think of our addition?
-I proposed merging the two lists, but after hearing Pat's reasons for keeping
-them separate, I'm inclined to agree with him and give the DomeSteading List
-some time to develop some traffic. I'm content to subscribe to both
-lists. As he 
-points out, there does seem to be a difference in tone and subject matter
-between the two lists (as well as a good bit of overlap). 
	Yeah, early on in Geodesic's formation, there were only a few
people who posted. It took probably a year or more to really pick up steam
and start discussions. Nowadays, it's hard to keep up!
	It's also linked into Usenet, which opens it up to lots more people
(and lots more spam.) 
	Eventually, I plan on introducing some Usenet newsgroups as
offshoots of the Reality Sculptors Project, but that'll be somewhere down
the line, after we've got traffic to justify it. 

-As for what the DomeHome folks would think, I think they would welcome your
-participation, in whatever form. I posted a message about DomeSteading and
-telling how to subscribe, and several DomeHomers expressed an interest, so I
-think we *will* start to see some of the same names on both lists. 
	Yeah, I think we'll see a lot of the same names. Just after JMR
started to talk about it over there, there was a burst of signups. (We
jumped from about 50 people to almost 70 in about 1 day.) There has not,
yet, been a burst in posting, though. I'm hoping more people will de-lurk
and start asking questions or discussing things. We've currently got about
66 people on the list, so there's quite a collection of expertise, in many
different areas. 
	To date, though, only 28 of those people have ever posted to the
list, sometimes only once. This isn't necessarily a Bad Thing (there's no
rule saying you have to contribute) but it doesn't lead to terribly lively
	Hmm... Maybe I should add the equivalent of digital, robotic
crickets, so that when things get quiet, we can hear them *CHIRP* and know
the list is still alive... ;^)  )

-BTW, the DomeHome Companion Web site is now up (though there's not a lot
-to look 
-at there, yet, unless you're a fan of "Under Construction" signs). We
-wanted to 
-make a place where some of our subscribers can post pictures, who don't
-have Web 
-sites of their own... or who just like the idea of an online community. Since
-becoming involved with email lists, I've come to appreciate how powerful they
-are at building community. Even so, email can be so faceless; a Web page
-provides a focal point for the community that the email has built. We have
-photos of Brenda Myers' dome; and some other subscribers have sent me some
-pictures, which I have to get off my butt and put up; and we are
-*officially* in 
-"collect the links" mode, so if you'd like a link to your site on the DomeHome
-page, by all means drop me a line.
-The URL is:
	I'll check this out, and would welcome a link to 
	Just so everyone knows, I'm planning on moving the WWW server when
we move house next week, and will probably position a new machine off of my
network at work, so that the website will be MUCH faster than now, with its
current 14.4Kb network bottlneck. For email, 14.4Kb is just fine, but for
pictures, it's slow. 
	If everything goes as planned, the WWW server will be on the other
end of 2 T1 lines, so it should be snappy. :-) When I do that, I'll start
adding more graphics to the pages, and scanning in photos of some of the
projects I've been working on, such as the hydroponic garden, the model of
the cardboard dome I've been ranting about for years, sketches & drawings
of the autonomous house design, etc. As well as (perhaps) some eventual 3D
VRML walkthroughs of a house model. (Yet to be constructed, so that's a
ways out, but once we have bandwidth, things like that are possible.)

	That's enough from me. I want to hear from some of YOU.

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		 Patrick G. Salsbury <salsbury at sculptors dot com>
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