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-Date: Fri, 26 Sep 97 14:56:59 CDT
-From: jmr at management21 dot com (J. Michael Rowland)
-The Butterfly <salsbury at sculptors dot com> writes:
-> Maybe I should add the equivalent of digital, robotic
-> crickets, so that when things get quiet, we can hear
-> them *CHIRP* and know the list is still alive... ;^) 
-I'd like a box of these, when you get them developed :-)
	Actually, this would be a simple thing to do with cron and a small
Perl program. It'd only be software crickets, but hey... :-)

-> ...the model of the cardboard dome I've been ranting
-> about for years...
-Are you talking about a cardboard model of a dome, or a model of a dome to be
-built, itself, out of cardboard? I have a couple of honeycomb cardboard panels
-in my office that I've hoarded... I'm a hoarder.... They came as packing
-material, and even though I haven't found a use for them, they are so neat I
-can't bring myself to throw them away just yet.
-Now you have some idea of the way our house is furnished :-)
	I'm the same way. In fact, realizing this rather painfully as we
have to move everything to the new place. 
	I was talking about a dome to be made from cardboard. It was a
project I was involved with in school, designing homes that could be
stamped out on a cardboard cutting machine for use in Honduras. Bucky had
long talked about (and built) domes of cardboard. It's a great material to
use, cheaply produced (our houses would have run perhaps $1000 completely)
and you can make about 3000 houses per day on one of these machines. 

-> ...sketches & drawings of the autonomous house design...
-I'm looking forward to seeing these.
	Hopefully it won't be too long. Much to do right now, though...

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