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-Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 07:27:59 -0500
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-I've built a small (8' tall+-) cardboard dome that was Velcroed
-togather. It worked well. I have plans if anyone is interested. It is a
-2 frequency dome and if I remember correctly has about 20 to 30 panels.
-I'll dig out the details on request. 
	I think the one we did was 30 panels, and when we constructed the
1/2 scale model, it was held together with one inch binder or "bulldog"
clips, like you use in office-supplies to hold together large sheafs of
paper. The full-scale model was designed to be stapled together with a
Bostich (tm) stapler, which we were planning on including with every dome
shipped. (Cost: US$20-30) This way, you could airlift them to anywhere on
the planet, and drop-ship them by parachute, complete with all tools needed
to build them. We had even done pictorial designs for construction that
could be viewed by anyone, regardless of education, or native language, and
that would instruct them on how to build the dome. 
	Construction time: 2-4 hours, with 2-4 people. 

	Leaking, as always, is a problem. And one we hadn't totally solved
at that point. (Honduras does get lots of rain, but only during one season
of the year, predominantly.) We were experimenting with double-sided
foam-tape at the seams of panels, and a few other ideas. This could still
use some fleshing out, if anyone out there has ideas....

-Also, I have table top cardboard models for frequencies 2 thru 8. They
-consist of a panel for every icosahedral facet ( which are cut out and
-folded then taped or glued to their clones to create a complete dome).
	I've been working on a locking tab-and-slot design for a
next-generation dome model that wouldn't require stapling. All of the
panels would have interlocking tabs, similar to the production model of the
Synergy Ball ( ) This way, you
could stamp 'em out, ship them someplace, and they could be assembled
without any external tools (like staplers, glue, etc.)
	These obviously wouldn't be the Perfect Housing Solution (tm), but
they would be very valuable to flood, fire, or earthquake victims. 

	Speaking of frequencies & dome models. Has anyone else here checked
out Rick Bono's "DOME" program? It's quite phenomenal, and allows very easy
rendering of 3D dome models. Quite a cool powertool.

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