Re: Homelessness in America

Cat wrote:
> Ron wrote:>
> >Habitat is a great group. I do Habitat, mostly as a waterboy, and they
> >don't come any finer, BUT you are right: no one thinks Domes because
> >that old evil-MONEY- comes into play. Not to mention city code experts.
> >Sadly tho, I must disagree  We don't do diddle compared to the need.
> >Because real people are needeed to get the work done, it's a certainity
> >that the Government, at any level, won't do it.  It is an issue for
> >exploitation only.  Maybe I'm too old to be optimistic any more.
> >
> >--
> >Ron Stevens, M.A., M.Ed.
> >email:  stevens at gnt dot net
> >Dept of Environmental Studies
> >University of West Florida
> >
> I think we ALL loose our optimism after a few, odd
> years on this earth.  Watching too much government
> intervention - good intention gone bad - with greedy
> politicos and others with their own agenda.  But the
> old saw goes, don't look a gift horse in the mouth,
> right?  Sometimes the gift should be refused or, at
> the least, returned!
> Univ. of West Florida...and WW3 made me think of the
> great survival sci-fi story - Babel 17.  Ever heard
> of it?  Bombs fly, most of the world is in ruins, but
> the few survivors learn to adapt.  Read that story
> WAY back in my youth (when the dinosaurs still roamed
> the earth!).
> Cat>
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I don't remember specifically the story, but I'd almost bet that I read
it sometime.

Ron Stevens, M.A., M.Ed.
email:  stevens at gnt dot net
Dept of Environmental Studies
University of West Florida

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