Apologies for the downtime...

It's been a gruelling night, and a hectic past 3 days, but I'm happy to say 
that I think we're back online. And before I even look at the 200 messages
that have piled up, I know some of you have sent notes about the downtime. 

Sorry about that. When I upgraded the system last month, I got a pair of
Quantum Fireball SCSI disks, and they were...less than optimal. We've been
having crashes and problems every few days for the past 4 weeks, and this,
coupled with the RedHat SparcLinux v5.1, which seems to have some SCSI
issues of its own, made for a very skittish server.

I've just installed a new Seagate disk, and have back-rev'ed the software
to RedHat 4.2, which is what I was running on this system for the past
year, roughly. It was rock stable before, and I'm hoping it will be again.

For those of you who were trying to mail the lists, it should be working,
now. In fact, I think it's pretty much caught up. 

Once again, sorry for the outage, and I'm going to go get some sleep. 8-)


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