Hurricane Bonnie...another good reminder...

Do we have any list-members over where the hurricane is hitting? (If so, I
doubt they're checking email...)

Obviously, 115 mph winds are not the kind of thing a cardboard or plastic
dome is going to stand up to, but to be sure, there's going to be a LOT of
cleanup work done, afterwards. 

>From what I've heard on the news, at least 1 million people are without
power right now. (1 million!) I think this is a problem with our
centralized powerstation/wires system, and fuel-cells would obviously be a
good step towards decentralizing that. 

I've also heard that, while there's water, water, everywhere, most isn't
safe to drink. All of the normal water supplies, reservoirs, etc., have all
gotten mixed with who-knows-what, and quite probably are
polluted/contaminated. They're advising people to boil water and sterilize
with purification tablets. 

I think that part of the emergency-response pack will have to contain
basics like canned-heat or small stoves that run on multi-fuel, like the
Coleman Peak1 stoves, and also water purification pumps, tablets, etc. 

Anyone else have ideas or things that should be on the "must have" short
list? Every one of these disasters is an opportunity to conduct a thought
experiment. Watching the nightly news, tens of millions of people are
probably thinking "Oh, that's too bad!" or "I'd hate to be there!", but I'm
hoping we can get hundreds, or thousands, thinking "How could we fix that
mess? What tools do we need? What expertise?"

Just some thoughts for the day...


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