Re: Flood plains 'n Hurricanes

No FAIR!  Just 'cause you thought of it FIRST Ron!
I wanna jump on the bandwagon here, but my charity,
of course, is the Cat Martin wanna have more charity.

Thanks for caring, Dennis!


On Mon, 31 Aug 1998 11:46:46   Ron Stevens wrote:
>Ya know, Dennis, making a profit is one thing, but buying beachfront
>property is an indication of windfall profiteering.  I'll allow you to
>show remorse by donating a dome to the Ron Stevens feels bad charity.
>Dennis Johnson wrote:
>> Cat wrote:
>> >
>> > Do y'all know that this rant was almost like the
>> > "whisper" campaigns back in the 50s?  My rant was
>> > based on rectagular structures blown down by
>> > hurricanes and tornadoes, only to be rebuilt and
>> > rebuilt again!  I KNOW that domes make it through
>> > hurricanes and tornadoes and THAT'S what I was
>> > saying - why do we (as taxpayers AND insurance
>> > premium payers) ALLOW them to keep rebuilding
>> > structures that have PROVEN to be "unsound" for the
>> > area???  Dennis, you have simply added to my rant's
>> > proof by telling me your dome survived.  Don't YOU
>> > want to go to your dazed and confused neighbors who
>> > will attempt to salvage some of their belongings and
>> > then rebuild a similar house and just SCREAM at them
>> > HOUSE?!"  sigh...
>> Cat
>> We did that - in their face !
>> We rebuilt on the same island with an even bigger and
>> better dome !
>> We held an open house in July and everybody who
>> was watching during the months of construction
>> showed up.  The place was packed for 2 days + .
>> Talk about holding a revival meeting - we "converted"
>> everyone that walked in the door ! :
>> The building inspector, city planning administrator,
>> construction loan banker, permanent lender, business
>> associates of the bankers, realtors, subcontractors,
>> the neighborhood, many tourists from all over who
>> just happened to be there at the time, previous
>> homeowners who had lost their homes in Fran,
>> and the list goes on.
>> The general comment heard many times was that
>> "they just don't build them like this down here -
>> strong/sturdy with high quality materials".  When
>> they got inside the dome, it just blew them away!
>> I guess that's my way of sceaming at them.
>> Oh, by the way, we just bought the beachfront
>> lot next door.  Maybe we'll increase our timetable
>> of building an average of one new dome every
>> two years (that's us personally, not our business).
>> Thanks
>> Dennis Odin Johnson
>Ron Stevens, M.A., M.Ed.
>email:  stevens at gnt dot net
>Dept of Environmental Studies
>University of West Florida

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