Re: Wild Idea...flooring

Once I made an ice box for a boat that was essentially a foam-plywood
sandwich. A layer of foam beadboard glued between two layers of 1/4"
plywwod. Worked great. Very high R-value. 
In a floor, you'd want to put a (lumber?) edging strip around the
panel perimeter and work out a simple mating mechanism similar to
what's used in the timber frame housing industry to mate their
stressed-skin panels. The earth side would need to be coated with
something waterproof or protected from ground exposure with poly
sheeting, tar paper, etc. Vary the beadboard thickness to get the
desired R-value. You'd need a reasonably flat pad, preferably tamped
gravel slightly above surrounding grade level to set it on. Needless
to say, erecting a weather tight temporary shelter for cold, wet
climates on minimally prepared sites using air transport, unskilled
labor, inexpensive materials, etc. is a formidable design challenge.

"We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities."
POGO -Walt Kelly

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