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More info on Astro-Foil is available at .

>I did a search for a product named Astro-Foil (a sample of which I have in
>my hand). It's marketed as a cheap, easy insulating cover for water
>heaters and as a combination insulating layer and reflective vapor barrier
>for barns and stock buildings. Here's a blurb I found online about it:
>   Aluminum reflects radiant energy before it becomes
>   heat, and trapped air is an effective insulator. About a
>   decade ago, Innovative Energy Companies married these
>   concepts in a product called Astro-Foil, which resembles
>   nothing so much as tough bubble-wrap laminated with
>   Reynolds Wrap.
>   "It's the only approved reflective building insulation
>   in the world," said Paul Foisy of IEC, which is
>   headquartered in California. "In the nine years we've
>   been in business, the business has grown by double
>   digits every year."
>   The primary market is contractors putting up commercial
>   spaces and homeowners doing remodeling. The foil is cut
>   to shape with a knife, and stapled in the air space
>   beneath ceilings - radiant heat is reflected back into
>   the air space and vented via convection. The trapped air
>   in the bubbles allows little heat to transfer through
>   the foil via conduction.
>   The material can also be used as conventional insulation
>   and as a vapor barrier.
>   Astro-Foil comes in two styles; Astro-Foil itself is
>   two-ply bubbles, with three layers of aluminum, and is
>   about 5/16 of an inch thick. Astro-E is single-ply
>   bubbles with two layers of foil, about 3/16 of an inch
>   thick. It comes in 50-foot rolls that are 1, 2, 3, 4 and
>   5 feet wide, and 125-foot rolls in 4 and 6 feet wide.
>   Prices vary, but the only supplier is Innovative
>   Specialities of Aiea, 488-5767, which also carries
>   installation literature.
>   Another brand is Reflectix, found at home-improvement
>   outlets. Reflectix, however, does not carry Uniform
>   Building Code stenciling, required for commercial
>   structures. It's primarily used by do-it-yourselfers.
>   A 4- by 50-foot roll of Reflectix at Eagle Hardware is
>   $124.95. The same size of Astro-Foil is $126, and
>   Astro-E is $122.
>[This is from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin:
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