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PLEASE NOTE:  In my earlier reply to this message, I was referring to the original nut, NOT to the
forwarder of that message.  My apologies to Mr. Majcher, if he took offense, and before there are too
many "bad boy" missives directed to me.

Marc Majcher wrote:

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> Hey guys,
> I found this info, thought I should pass it on to someone:
> "For those of you who want to help rebuild your town or county after
> Y2K, I have a set of Appropriate Technology Microfiche available that
> will provide you with all the info you will need to set up a library
> for your community. It contains 1000 books, and over 136,000 pages
> with simple directions and illustrations. I can get it and a
> microfiche reader to you for about $1100 dollars. This set represents
> 30 years of workable Western Technology that is designed to be
> developed and work in a nontechnological third world enviornment. This
> civilization building information has been proven by missionaries and
> Peaces Corps workers throughout the third world. I am going before my
> own library board to ask them to purchase it for our library and
> recommend you do too."
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Ron Stevens
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