A good candidate for the leak issue with the Corrulite domes.

	I was visiting a sailing friend in Buffalo last week, and showed him
pictures of the dome-building party last summer, as well as samples of the
Corrulite plastic. He gave me a sample of a material that's used in
boat-building which I think may be ideal for sealing the dome. 
	It's a tacky caulking material, some sort of butyl rubber. It's sticky,
and comes in rolls, is deformable, tearable, moldable, yet doesn't need to
be "spread" like silicone caulk or the other mostly-liquid types that
require a caulking gun. You just unroll this stuff, peel off the backing
tape, and stick your other piece on it. 
	In the case of the Corrulite dome we built, it would go on one of the
flaps, then we'd butt the other flap against it, and staple the two pieces
together with a heavy-duty box stapler. (The kind with the 1-2" brass
	The material never hardens up, and can withstand years at sea. The pieces
he gave me were several years old already, and still very pliant. 

	He also gave me a sample of a very thin 2-sided foam tape from 3M. I've
seen others like this, and considered them. A slightly thicker (1/16-1/8")
piece may also do the trick, but this caulking material may be an even
better candidate. 

	Some of you may get this message twice. I'm BCC'ing all the folks who were
on the original dome-building-party alias, since not all of you are on
Domesteading (and this will save you from future replies.) I'm going to see
if I can track down more of this material.

	Eric & Hugh were discussing getting more Corrulite for their own project.
(Have you guys done that already? If not, I want in on the order.) I'm
planning on getting more for...


	Date is yet to be determined, but I think we'll try NOT to do it during
the hottest week of the year, this time! :-)

	I'd actually like to try and do it during the next 2 months, since that's
the rainy season in the Santa Cruz mountains, and would be an ideal test of
this caulking stuff. I'm also looking at getting larger sheets of
Corrulite, so we can build a larger dome, perhaps with less cutting involved. 

	Stay tuned, we might have something to fill a rainy weekend day in the
next month or two...

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