More on that Housing/Dwelling Machines conference

Here's further info on that upcoming conference...

Looks like there's lots to do, so if some aspect calls out to you, jump in
and have fun! :-)


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>Subject: The Countdown and Trade Shows
>Dear Pat:
>Like most of my work, my focus on dwelling machines is of a
>humanitarian, philosophical, educational, visionary and inspirational
>nature, more than an engineering one. I've developed many ideas that can
>contribute to creating an interesting and fun dwelling machine website,
>and jump-start a new industry.
>Plans for the First Annual Countdown to Complete Physical Success for All
>Humanity (July 12 - 20, 2001) includes a Dwelling Machine Design and
>Trade Show, a Trade Show of Space Age Agriculture Technology, and some
>other trade show events that will be announced at a later date. I want
>to turn this event over to a professional convention and trade show
>agency with experience and let them profit from their effort. I would
>prefer a global event rather than just one event with one agency
>responsible for overseeing the many regional events. Organizers for the
>countless array of millennial events will be looking for an encore. This
>is it! They can simply latch on and pull this event along behind their
>millennial events and keep the millennial fire burning. At this moment I
>don't know what agency that will be. But time is of the essence. My
>first priority is to find an agency to put together the main event in
>Austin, Texas, and then see if we can take the event global. Or a
>nonprofit organization can be created devoted to this
>project. Perhaps a company could be hired on commission to set up and
>get this new venture running. 
>There are many other events held during the middle of July. There is the
>Noetic Sciences conference, an inventions conference put on by the Tesla
>Society, the World Future Society conference, and there are probably
>many space society events commemorating the first landing on the moon
>(July 20).
>Some of these events may be interested in incorporating the Countdown
>into their event. But these events are planed long in advance, so time
>is of the essence. 
>All of the trade shows will be internet based year round, with annual
>and periodic events spaced around the world. The larger issue is getting
>sponsors to build a dwelling machine prototype to display, and
>ultimately putting them into mass production. Should that fail, a
>mock-up will suffice. If that fails, designs and models may be
>displayed, papers and speakers presented and discussion groups created.
>A worst case scenario would be a solely internet based conference and
>design show on dwelling machines. 
>james lawson
>Spaceship Earth
>mail at SpaceshipEarth dot com
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