Re: A good candidate for the leak issue with the Corrulite domes.

At 12:07 PM 12/20/98 -0600, you wrote:
>domesteading at sculptors dot com writes:
>>	Date is yet to be determined, but I think we'll try NOT
>> to do it during the hottest week of the year, this time! :-)
>Pat, I'd like to post this in the DomeHome Companion announcements area,
>when you have a closer idea of the proposed date. A synopsis or purpose
>statement would be good, too; I'll summarize one out of what I know about
>it alraedy, but one of your own would be better.
>(DomeHome List Moderator)
	Sounds good. And yes, feel free to cross-post when the announcement goes
out. The more, the merrier! 

	I need to get a source for this caulking material, and more Corrulite,
then we can begin to plan our next get-together.

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