Re: good news: wind power

Patrick Salsbury wrote:

>         This is one of the reasons I like fuel cells, and created the fuel-cells
> mailing list. For those who aren't familiar, fuel cells produce
> electricity, but they do it by chemically combining hydrogen and oxygen. No
> charge times, you can fill them up like you would a gas tank in an auto, or
> a propane tank on your barbeque grill. They're quite. When engineered
> correctly, they produce drinkable water as their "waste product".
>         By utilizing quantum-leap technologies like this, rather than burning more
> coal or oil, I think we can make good headway into solving the energy

            While I appreciate fuel-cell technology, I think you're missing something
here -- they still need fuel, and even if it's hydrogen, it still has to be produced
somehow. Hydrogen is best produced by the disassociation of water, with electricity.
This means electrical generation, of course, by solar, wind, or whatever.

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